How to get weed out of your system really fast!

This is certainly not fullproof.

POINTER: works great if you going for a Urine drug test.

But before i start there are certain methods i must warn against.  Please do not do the bleach bombs. Do not drink bleach  to con a drug test, that is retarded. Needless to say you'd die before you're ready for the test.

Secondly do not drowned your insides with water. Too much water  is be dangerous, there is such a thing as water poisoning, read it here. So stay clear of too much water.

How to get Weed out of your System Fast

First things first, put away the pipes, and bongs. Avoid every temptation to use them atleast 7 days before going for the test. No brainer!

Rush Method:
Start off by taking "echinacea-golden seal complex"; this is an immune support suppliment, has lots of vitamins for increased metabolism, and "fat burn". It goes for like $4 at walmart, use it 2 times every day just for a week. Then go ahead and get a detox drink, anyone is good but i prefer the "liquid stuff" you can get this in a store near by. Use this drink only a few hours before the test and take a glass of water to boot. Take the test and tell me how it went. Simple!?

Puritan Method:
Everyday use nutra flush colon cleanser, take niacin, take any Vitamin b12 supplement, drink cranberry juice mixed with high fiber. Then exercise, run a mile or 2 every morning, and a few more before going to bed, the general idea is to exercise as much as you can. In addition get 'test strips' to keep an eye on your progress. With an exercise regimen that suits you, and use of the items i've mentioned you could be clean in 5 days, even if you're a perpetual smoker.

Real Con Method
Just Check it out. Enough said !.....Drug test Friends

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